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the best hair salon for hair color, perm, and hair straightening
마이스타일리스트 미용실 

our team hair stylists for the best quality of hairstyles


center of koreatown

로스앤젤레스 한인타운
웨스턴과 3가 한가운데
위치하고 있습니다.

Appointment Welcome

convenient walk-ins

월요일부터 토요일까지
오전 10시부터 오후 7시까지
예약을 해주시면 감사하겠습니다.

Reasonable Prices

best price ranges

저렴한 가격에 최상의 미용재로만을
사용하여 최선을 다합니다.


Share your reviews with us for the better services

After going through many expensive hair salons in koreatown, I didn't want to pay $40+ for a simple hair cut and 130+ for chaging hair colors. 

After asking around my friends about a good hair salon that's not gonna break my wallet, I decided to make an appointment at my hairstylist. 

I'm very satisfied with the result and customer service that Micky provided. 

I took in some pictures of the hair style I wanted and she took a good look at it and gave me her honest realistic feedback and some other suggestions. She also took the time to look up pictures of how it would actually look. She then went to work and by that I mean, she not only started cutting, dying, etc etc, but every step of the way, she continuously explained all the steps she was taking and what exactly she was doing to my hair. She spent around 3 hours on my hair and she was continuously checking up so that the dye was giving off the right color instead of trying to fit in another customer. I have never felt so comfortable and at ease at a hair salon before! 

I have been coming here for about 6 months now. Good reviews, close proximity, and competitive prices brought me here.

The place is super clean and sleek. 

She worked fast, really knew what she was doing and she did a fantastic job. I love the cut and the color. Because I decided to have bangs so I've been coming back every 3-4 weeks to have it trimmed. It's kinda annoying coz I'm rather lazy lol but it's worth it.

3rd St. & Western Ave.
Los Angeles 한인타운


Mystylist Hair Salon

301 S. Western Ave. 110 Los Angeles, CA 90020

Business Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am to 7pm

LA 한인타운 저렴한 가격의 헤어 칼라와 매직스트레이트 미용실
LA Best Hair Salon in Los Angeles LA Koreatown